Wine Thief & Ale Jail


Welcome and thanks for visiting the Wine Thief & Ale Jail, your Twin Cities wine and beer resource. We’re a small, family-owned, neighborhood store located in sometimes sunny, sometimes snowy St. Paul, and we concentrates on helping you have fun while discovering unique, quality wines and beers from around the world — all at prices that will make you feel like you left with a steal.

The Wine Thief was opened by Paul & Trina Wentzel in the summer of 2005, but with Paul’s love for craft and Belgian beers, it was only a matter of time before the store expanded to include a store-within-a-store. And with our corny sense of humor, how could it be anything other than the Ale Jail?

The Ale Jail focuses on craft and microbrew beers as well as large format specialty bottles. And while you won’t find Budweiser or Miller here, we do love our Pabst along with our Trappist ales, our Schlitz along with our krieks. We also love experimenting and hope you do too; with over 200 bottles along our build-your-own-box wall, we think you’ll have fun.

With a focus on smaller vineyards, family wineries, and craft beers, we are happy to help you learn about and enjoy all things grapes or hops, whatever your palate, whatever your knowledge, whatever your budget.


1787 St. Clair Avenue Saint Paul · MN · 55105 (9463)

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